McDonald's is giving away free french fries!!!

...or maybe it's just to me.

I went to McDonald's today for lunch and like most of the time that I go there I'm just not in the mood for french fries, so I didn't order them. After getting back to the break room at work I went to grab my hamburger out of the bag and was pleasantly surprised to find french fries in there as well. This is about the third or fourth time this has happened to me. I don't hate french fries, I'm just content with a handful or two and don't see the point in ordering them, except the fact that it's much easier to simple say the combo number. 

I once read a book in which one of the main characters was talking about his outlook on life and explained that every time he got fast food he could always rely on at least one fry making it's way to the bottom of the bag. Each time he finished off his meal, peaked inside his bag, and saw that lost fry or group of fries, it gave him hope. It makes me ask two questions: 1) Should I have more hope, knowing I might discover a whole order of fries? and 2) What does it mean if, although they gave me free french fries, they forgot to give me a straw?


Chelsea Gallaway said...

And they always forget napkins! So annoying!

The Closet Crafter said...

Well, I'll give you all the tons of ketchup packets we get to go with your fries.

Jesse said...

That's so funny because the other day I ordered Reese a happy meal nad they put two small fries inside of it. I was very happy for her, it was like a little birthday treat though she in no way was able to consume them all.