Shoes & Shoos

Lately, Abigail has been obsessed with shoes. The first thing she says in the morning is usually "Shoes!". I think it's because she loves going outside and associates shoes with going outside. At some point during the day, she usually goes into our closet and puts on a pair of Lela's shoes and walks around the house in them. She sometimes grabs mine, but I think she prefers Lela's. I'm amazed that even if there is a pile of shoes or if two are in different places in the room (OK, fine. We haven't been cleaning up our room lately) she can still manage to find a matching pair. Yesterday she even pulled a Mr. Rogers. After getting home from church I went into her room to help her change. She took off her nice shoes and reached for her sneakers (she can take them off fine, but can't quite put them on yet). The other day when Lela brought her her shoes I swear she said, "Shoes! Heck yeah!" Lela doesn't believe me, but I know the truth.

Given this obsession with shoes I was a little confused when her Uncle James was teasing her the other day and she kept saying "Shoe! Shoe!". Or that's what I thought she was saying until Lela told me she was actually saying "Shoo! Shoo!". My mistake.


MStevenson said...

Shoe obsession has started already huh?