Christmas Lights - Part 1

I love my days off, especially ones when I can sleep in. I actually get a little jealous because I almost always have to get up at least an hour or so before Lela. Yesterday was one of those special days when Abi was still asleep and I got to stay in bed while Lela went off to work. When she finally did wake up, Abi and I had breakfast and played for a little bit. I had planned on putting up Christmas lights for most of the day, but had to wait until Lela got back from work. She came home early but with an earache, so I worked on some other things inside the house. Lela has some paper lanterns she's been wanting me to convert to lamps, she even bought kits. The instructions showed two light sockets, five screws between the two of them, all connected by a bunch of wires. I had one socket, three screws, and only two wires. Luckily, my brother Jeff is an electrician, so I called him up and got the lamps to work.

Abigail finally went down for her afternoon nap, so I was able to work on the Christmas lights the rest of the afternoon. Lela told me to take my phone in case I fell (she actually rushed to answer the phone when someone else called, thinking it was me). Thinking I might not be able to call (I could be unconsious or have broken arms/fingers), I told her I'd try to just make a loud "thud".

I only got part of them done (hence the "Part 1") before we went into to town for dinner. By the time we got back home Lela wanted to go to sleep, so I'll have to finish them some other time.