Worst Combined Activity Ever!

Last night was the worst combined activity I have ever been to. And of course, the Young Men were in charge. A couple of months ago one of my counselors, who is also my brother-in-law, suggested we do a lip sync. I'm sure his fond memories of doing a lip sync when we were youth inspired him. I remember having a lot of fun too, we even had costumes and dance moves. It was the bomb!

I was planning on giving the youth a couple of months to pick a song and practice, but I missed last month's BYC when they went ahead and planned it for this month. The Young Men kept putting off picking a song until this past Sunday. The two songs they did pick were questionably inappropriate (so much for the lessons on listening to good, clean music a few weeks back). One of the boys said he could bring the songs and a karaoke machine, since we decided we would probably have tons of time left over. Well, he didn't show up. So we scrambled around for another song. They picked one that had a long musical intro without words. They said they would dance. They didn't. One even refused to go to the front. They just sort of stood there. I can't really blame them, though. It was so bad the YW actually booed them off the stage. We were planning on using the church's sound system, which didn't work, so you couldn't hear the music. I found a microphone, thinking we could at least do a sing-along, it didn't work. The whole time the Young Women leaders were looking at me like I didn't know what I was doing, which really frustrates me. I'm usually really organized and they're the ones who are usually unprepared, but lately people I've had to depend on have dropped the ball.

I was planning on going up myself and busting out some old school stuff. But by the time the Young Women struggled through their song, I just wanted the night to be over.


MStevenson said...

Sounds like a horrible activity, I feel your pain. I'm in the young mens as well, and it's been rough to find good activities for all of them to participate in. Let me know if you find some winners :)


sachiko said...

I've been meaning to write, but have been busy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it was on Sunday, atleast I remembered that, right? I hope you had a good one. Oh, and a request, post pictures of your darling child! Hope you guys are doing well down there in muleshoe.