New Look

I wasn't completely happy with the way my old blog looked, so I had been looking around for a new theme. I'm too lazy to try and figure out the code to write one the way I want it. I saw a theme I liked awhile back, but it was made for wordpress. I was looking around for a photo album-looking theme for our family picture blog (still haven't updated photos, but I want it to look nice) and I came across this one that I really like. In the process of switching over, I accidentally deleted all the links to the blogs I read. Oops! I'll eventually get around to putting them all back on.


MStevenson said...

Looks nice, I've never used Blogger (we have a wordpress blog), but it seems there are a lot of nice blogger themes floating around.


Scott said...

Thanks. Eventually I'd like to be able to create my own day when I'm caught up with everything!