Hail Storm

Yesterday we had a really bad hailstorm. It caught us a little off guard and started hailing pretty bad. We have a north-facing window by our kitchen that is at least 4' by 4', and the wind usually blows from that direction, so everytime we have a storm it usually gets hit pretty hard. The hail seemed to be coming down extra hard last night and it sounded like the window would break on a few occasions, but fortunately it survived...unlike our cars. The storm came pretty quickly, so really didn't have time to move them. It cracked my windshield, driver-side mirror, and took out part of a window guard on the passenger side.

Lela's car didn't fair as well. It actually got pretty beat up. Her windshield is cracked in a few places, most of her lights are broken, her two side mirrors are cracked, and there's little dings all over.

The hail piled up in a few places so much it actually looked like snow, but by the morning it was mostly melted. We lost electricity a few times during the night, too. Well, I guess that's what happens when you live in West Texas!


MStevenson said...

Good thing you weren't caught outside in that!