Word Worm 2008

Last Saturday, the Curry County Literacy Council held their second annual Word Worm competition to raise community awareness of the county’s literacy needs. I participated on the library's team. And by "participated," I mean I guessed what the word "oxter" means.

Here's how it happened: while sitting on the sidelines, waiting for our round, I thought I was doing a pretty good job with answering in my head before the answering team could buzz in. Then came round 2, our round. The questions seemed harder and the teams we were competing against seemed faster. Then came the question, "What does oxter mean?" Four possible answers were listed below the question. One team guessed wrong...three choices left. At this point we didn't have any points, so an incorrect answer wouldn't hurt us. I raised my hand and confidently said, "I'm going to go with 'C. Armpit'." ...and that's how I got ten (and half) of our 20 points! Incidently, we didn't make it to the next round.

Maybe next year...


MStevenson said...

Hi, this is Mel, Mark Stevenson's wife. Fun to see you have a blog too....thanks for linking us, we'll have to link you on ours.

Hope you and your family is well!

Mark and I are great....we have a little 1 1/2 year old. But I guess if you read our blog, you probably know that.

Well, Mark says hi. And I'm excited to find another blog to read. :)