Happy Valentine's Day!

My wife and I went to Lubbock a few weeks ago for one of Abigail's doctor appointments. Afterwards, we went to Target and found a couple of videos for a reasonable price. We rationalized that they would be our Valentine's present for each other. I chose "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians" and actually started to watch a few episodes last weekend. Lela scolded me for opening my Valentine's present early. I replied, "But honey, Cyborg has joined the Super Friends! Cyborg!" My pleas fell on deaf ears.

We made Valentine cards during Family Home Evening last Monday for our family. My wife was being extra creative and made some very beautiful cards. I cheated and found a pattern for a Valentine Candy Box Pop up Card on WikiHow.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day! I'll leave you with a message from Frazz: