New Blog!


Today is our three-year anniversary! To celebrate, we created a blog together! Lela has been hesitant to join the whole online social scene, but she said she might be interested in blogging. I figured if we were both going to input our brillant ideas and share our wonderful experiences, I should start a new that has both our names in the title. So, come check out:

(It might be under construction for the next little bit)

McDonald's is giving away free french fries!!!


...or maybe it's just to me.

I went to McDonald's today for lunch and like most of the time that I go there I'm just not in the mood for french fries, so I didn't order them. After getting back to the break room at work I went to grab my hamburger out of the bag and was pleasantly surprised to find french fries in there as well. This is about the third or fourth time this has happened to me. I don't hate french fries, I'm just content with a handful or two and don't see the point in ordering them, except the fact that it's much easier to simple say the combo number. 

I once read a book in which one of the main characters was talking about his outlook on life and explained that every time he got fast food he could always rely on at least one fry making it's way to the bottom of the bag. Each time he finished off his meal, peaked inside his bag, and saw that lost fry or group of fries, it gave him hope. It makes me ask two questions: 1) Should I have more hope, knowing I might discover a whole order of fries? and 2) What does it mean if, although they gave me free french fries, they forgot to give me a straw?

Shoes & Shoos


Lately, Abigail has been obsessed with shoes. The first thing she says in the morning is usually "Shoes!". I think it's because she loves going outside and associates shoes with going outside. At some point during the day, she usually goes into our closet and puts on a pair of Lela's shoes and walks around the house in them. She sometimes grabs mine, but I think she prefers Lela's. I'm amazed that even if there is a pile of shoes or if two are in different places in the room (OK, fine. We haven't been cleaning up our room lately) she can still manage to find a matching pair. Yesterday she even pulled a Mr. Rogers. After getting home from church I went into her room to help her change. She took off her nice shoes and reached for her sneakers (she can take them off fine, but can't quite put them on yet). The other day when Lela brought her her shoes I swear she said, "Shoes! Heck yeah!" Lela doesn't believe me, but I know the truth.

Given this obsession with shoes I was a little confused when her Uncle James was teasing her the other day and she kept saying "Shoe! Shoe!". Or that's what I thought she was saying until Lela told me she was actually saying "Shoo! Shoo!". My mistake.

Loosing Faith...


OK, the title might be a little deceiving. Don't worry, my testimony is still strong. I'm actually just loosing faith in humanity lately, more specifically in some of the people frequenting our library bathrooms: toilet paper thieves and taggers.

For as long as there has been a bathroom in the library, people have been stealing the toilet paper. It's not the good stuff either. Although the label might say one-ply I have my suspicions that if it were possible our T.P. is actually half-ply. A few months ago we invested in state-of-the-art toilet paper and paper towel dispensers in an effort to thwart the would-be bathroom bandits. (The staff meeting when we discussed how to use the motion sensor on the paper towel dispensers was rather amusing) For a while it seemed like they were working, people could no longer just take off the entire roll and run. A few weeks or so ago people started unravelling the entire roll (do they plan on raveling the roll back onto a tube or just leave it in a pile?). Then someone resorted to breaking the dispensers to get to the toilet paper! Seriously? I know we're in an economic crisis of sorts, but half-ply toilet paper? My vote is to make people bring their own rolls. I don't think it'll happen.

I also don't understand gang members "tagging" our bathrooms. Granted, it's probably the easiest place not to get caught (apparently people have enough time to unravel a full roll of toilet paper), but what self-respecting gang member tags a library? If I was in a gang (and I would have to be pretty desperate for friends to want to be beat up by people in order to become their friends) and I saw a rival gang's tag on the bathroom stall I would bust up laughing (which would probably freak out the guy in the next stall stealing our see-through toilet paper).

Christmas Lights - Part 3


Saturday I finally finished with the lights. Well, I finished the front part of the house and called it good. I was a little disappointed because sometime between when I first put them up and Saturday some of the lights went out. In fact, I'm so disappointed that I'm not even going to post a picture. Actually, the truth is that it's been so cold at night that I haven't taken a picture yet. I also finished hanging up the lights in Lela's office area. I think they turned out pretty well and now she can work on all of her little projects without being in the dark.